Our Legal Costs

Here at the Beaumaris Lawyers & Conveyancers we pride ourselves on advising our clients of the costs of their matter both initially and during the course of your matter. To this end and to ensure clarity we have developed the following rates or methods of charging clients to ensure that access to professional legal services are affordable.

When charging legal costs and entering into costs agreements, law practices must follow and apply the requirements in Part 4.3 of the Uniform Law. The Uniform Law imposes a specific requirement that legal costs must be fair and reasonable in all the circumstances. Section 172(2) sets out factors that can be considered in determining whether what is charged is fair and reasonable, and in particular are proportionate and reasonably incurred and proportionate and reasonable in amount. Section 200 of the Uniform Law sets out further the factors which are to be taken into account in a costs assessment in considering whether legal costs for legal work are fair and reasonable. There is also an obligation pursuant to Section 173 to avoid acting in a way that unnecessarily results in increased legal costs. In particular, the lawyer must act reasonably to avoid unnecessary delay resulting in increased legal costs.

Fixed Fee

A Fixed Fee Arrangement is an alternative to the standard hourly rate used by our lawyers with a fixed price for each stage or a specific of legal task or work. Some legal work we perform can be on a fixed fee basis wherein we have completed that task on a number of occasions and can offer it on a fixed fee basis. Examples of this type of work are:

  • Wills;
  • Powers of Attorney;
  • Conveyancing;
  • Retirement Villages;
  • Guarantees;
  • Leasing;
  • Preparation of Binding Financial Agreements (BFA); and
  • Giving Advice and providing certificates for Binding Financial Agreements;

This gives you some certainty regarding legal costs.

Hourly Rate

If you pay according to an hourly rate, we charge you varying rates for each hour of work done by our lawyers. The rate varies according to the seniority of the lawyer.

Pay At The End

We can get paid at the end of your case in some instances, known as ‘Fees Withheld’ or on the drip.
This applies where there will be money available at the end of your case, but you cannot cover your legal fees along the way. Such an offer is based on our assessment of your case. It is not offered in every situation.

What is Corporate Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a type of international private business self-regulation that aims to contribute to societal goals of a philanthropic, activist, or charitable nature by engaging in or supporting volunteering or ethically-oriented practices. These can include but are not limited to gender equality, being involved in community groups, fund raising and recognition that we are custodians of our land and environment, through this we can drive social responsibility and change.

How we make a difference at Beaumaris Lawyers & Conveyancers

We believe that when it comes to corporate and social responsibility – like law its about the little things, If you look after the little things then the big things will look after themselves. 

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